Challenger Learning Center Summer Space Adventures

205 Brotherton Lane
Ferguson, MO 63135

Aspiring astronauts, scientists and engineers will have a "blast" at the award-winning Challenger Learning Center where they can explore space, science, art, and technology through simulated space missions and other "out-of-this-world" activities. 

Space adventures can travel to the Moon or Mars, explore Comets, or train in an underwater environment in SCUBA gear. Future engineers can design, build and inhabit a life-size lunar colony or build remote-controlled rovers and rockets with 3D printed parts. Also available this summer is a joint Mars-themed camp that includes programs at the Saint Louis Science Center and the Challenger Learning Center.

The new Innovators TechShop camp includes two days at TechShop where campers will learn to use equipment like laser cutters and vacuum formers. Our new Sports in Space camp puts a spin on sports as campers experiment with gravity, air resistance, and momentum to invent a new sport that can be played on another planet.


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