Rituals to Tempt the Gods of the Snow Day

By Sharon Linde | Thu, 01/13/2011 - 6:29am

Like a lot of important things, snow days have their own doctrine. It wasn’t like this when we were kids, but ask any kid these days and you’ll get an education on what is necessary to garner a day off. Storm systems, Alberta clippers, cold fronts? Weather, smeather. Kids know what it takes to get the job done.

Think these superstitions don’t work? Did you take a look around on Tuesday? See any school buses out there? You may say that belief in the silly runs rampant in children, but the number of adults on Facebook participating in these rituals whenever a snowstorm is the forecast is pret-ty high.

Here’s a list of flakey rituals I gathered from around my neck of the woods:

1) Wear pajamas backwards.

2) Flush three ice cubes down the toilet.

3) Put an orange in the freezer.

4) Put a spoon under your pillow.

5) Throw a paper cup out a north-facing window.

6) Leave a potato under the clock.

7) Tape a penny to the front door.

8) Open your freezer and turn around five times clockwise.

There are more out there -- in fact, they tend to be surprisingly similar across geographic boundaries, especially the ones about cold things in the toilet, warm things in the freezer and spoons in various places around the bedroom. Don’t see yours on the list? Do fill us in. Wearing my pajamas backwards is fine for sleeping, but it’s a little challenging the next day when I’m lounging on my couch. As I was on Tuesday, thanks to all those snow-day-magic-believers out there!

By Sharon Linde, Education Blogger for SmartParenting