Chesterfield Day School

1100 White Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Personalized learning is a student-centered methodology where curriculum, goals, instruction and assessment are tailored to the individual learner. Chesterfield Day School's brand of personalized learning, facilitated by the expert faculty and very low student-to-teacher ratios, encourage real-life skill building, self-knowledge, and student agency. Our teachers get to know our students as people – their strengths and weaknesses, their interests, and what motivates them to succeed – and are therefore able to better facilitate broad and deep learning. In addition, our methodologies are based on rigorous research and tried-and-true experience. As a result, CDS creates engaged students who have truly learned how to learn.

The early childhood program (18 months through 1st Grade) is rooted in the Montessori philosophy of education. This methodology has proven to provide our youngest students with a personalized learning experience. 

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