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Dave Simon's Rock School.  Your child will love this fun and creative camp experience. Campers are placed into rock bands as they work together to record and prepare for their end-of-camp concert. Campers take private lessons on their instruments as well as every instrument in the band (guitar, bass, drums and piano). Summer Camp also includes workshops in songwriting, improvisation, and percussion.  Learn more  

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Preschool Science: Plant Power.  Engage your young scientist in science-related learning at the Saint Louis Science Center's Preschool Science Series. Through interactive stories and hands-on exploration, children learn about science, as well as language, problem-solving and social skills.  Learn more 

Snoopy, The Musical.  Enjoy the world's most famous beagle and the Peanuts gang in Charles Schulz' endearing musical creation, Snoopy, The Musical. All ages will love this classic musical performed by the STAGES Performing Arts Academy's intermediate level premier performing group, Triple Threats, live on stage.   Learn more