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kindergarten readiness

Sending your baby off to kindergarten, whether it’s your first or fifth, is a momentous occasion for any parent. For many of us, it is also a nerve wracking one. Parents – and let’s be honest, usually moms – worry A LOT. It’s practically part of the job description. 

Since my oldest daughter has been in daycare, we’ve been dreaming of that day when she entered kindergarten and we escaped the death clutch daycare has had on our bank account. Oh, the things my husband and I could do with those funds – the Time Life Best of Soul Train DVD collection, zombie lawn ornaments, PajamaJeans for every day of the week. Or we could do something really crazy – like stop paying for gas with spare change.

But as that day creeps closer and closer, we realize that we’ve been so fixated on our financial windfall that we failed to understand we’re pulling our child from the safety of her preschool onto the road of debauchery that begins in elementary school.

Parents of little ones hear about ‘kindergarten readiness’ and ‘kindergarten screening’ and often wonder what they are and what the difference, if any, is. Actually, it’s pretty simple.