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With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, kids, dads and adult children alike are all scrambling to find the perfect gift for Mom. Still not sure what to buy? From the practical to the sentimental to gifts that are just plain fun, we’ve rounded up 7 ideas the moms on your list are sure to love.    

1. For the new mama: A membership to The Nest.

With summer just around the corner, you’ve no doubt headed to the mall for a little wardrobe tune-up, especially if you have a tween or teen in tow. But when the bad lighting, unforgiving three-way mirrors, and homogenized wardrobe choices start wearing on you, it’s time to head to the great outdoors for a unique shopping experience.

For one afternoon, your kids can morph into Lewis and Clark, exploring America’s great waterways. Or environmentalists, learning how to protect nature’s delicate ecosystem. Or even rock stars, grooving to the sounds of the hottest bands in the region. All the while, your entire family will be inspired by the power and beauty of the Mighty Mississippi.

Bippity! Boppety! Boo! Cinderella, one of the most well-known and beloved childhood fairy tales, is coming to the St. Louis stage – as a ballet!

Many people see nonprofits only as charities – the last hope for individuals in need.

While many do offer a helping hand to select groups, in reality, with more than 12,000 nonprofits in the St. Louis metropolitan area, you’re impacted by their incredible, heartfelt work each and every day, regardless of your situation.

Whether you’re getting in a workout at the YMCA, visiting one of St. Louis’ most popular attractions, or enrolling your child in Boy or Girl Scouts, you’re benefiting from organizations dedicated to making our region an amazing place to live.


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