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For Denise Thibault, a two-time cancer survivor and mother of two from Edwardsville, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has made a difference in her life, funding the research that helped catch her cancers in their earliest stages, thereby saving her life.

For many kids, theater is defined as the local multiplex and acting is limited to the shows that spill out of Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.

But true performing arts are immersive. They’re engaging, personal and expressive. Through dance, music and acting, young artists are given to the opportunity to convey their emotions and fuel their imaginations, taking their audiences along for the ride. To allow our kids’ creativity to run wild, exposing them now to the diversity in arts is essential.

Buying Father's Day gifts can be tough. This special celebration of dads is, of course, an annual event. But finding something to show the dads in your family just how much they are loved and appreciated becomes more of a challenge every year. Sometimes you just need to get creative and go for the unexpected. In other words, find a gift that's as awesome as they are.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you already know that I spent most of the winter complaining about the many, many, MANY snow days when my kids were unexpectedly home from school. But as much as I wanted to tear my hair out as those dreary, snowed-in days kept piling one atop the other, I am now delighted to have my kids at home with me for summer vacation.

Every kid wants to be a pirate or a princess for the day. But to play dress-up at one of the region’s premier water parks? That brings a whole new level of adventure to make-believe.

On June 19, when Splash City in Collinsville closes its doors to the public for the evening, it will open up a world of imagination for pirates and princesses, who are free to splash, slide and swim to their hearts’ content.


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