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Valentine’s Day may be about passion and romance for some, but for parents, weekend getaways and romantic dinners for two are rarely on the menu. No matter how you celebrate with your significant other, be sure to embrace the fun that you can have with your kids on this special day too.

Ready to create some family-friendly Valentine’s Day traditions that include even the littlest loves of your life? This list of fun ways to celebrate with kids of all ages will help.

Parents are always on the lookout for new ways to boost the nutritional content of the foods our children consume, but since we often don’t have time to prepare elaborate meals and snacks, we need to get creative. Fortunately, there are many “quick fixes” that will make our family’s meals healthier – and don’t require us to spend hours in the kitchen. 

Quick Fix #1: Sprinkle, Sprinkle

Do you have a story about motherhood that you want to share with the world? Start writing today, because submissions are now open for the 3rd annual St. Louis production of Listen to Your Mother!

Growing up, I always wondered how my mother managed to accumulate so much “stuff.” Our house seemed to be filled with the toys my sisters and I no longer played with, our closets with the clothes we no longer wore. Then I became a mother myself. And finally, I understood.

As parents, we have been hearing for years about the many benefits of family dinner. Research shows that children who routinely enjoy meals with their parents have lower rates of substance abuse and depression, a stronger sense of belonging and even a better vocabulary. Unfortunately, non-traditional work schedules, extra-curricular activities and other necessary obligations make routine family dinners all but impossible for some of us to achieve. 


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