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When kids are young, they see everyone through the same set of eyes. They know people are different, but they look past the differences on the outside to see the friend on the inside.

As our little ones grow older and become more exposed to the world around them, their observations can become clouded. Diversity isn’t always celebrated. And conformity is often rewarded. Instead of praising the incredible things that make us unique, we’re left out if we don’t fit in.

Welcome to Mom's Happy Hour, in which we sort through the latest news about parents, parenting and pop culture so you don't have to.

Don’t go on vacation with your baby

As parents, we all get panic attacks when our little one cries on the airplane or gets too loud at Steak n Shake. In most cases, it’s worse on us than the other patrons. While most are annoyed by the sounds of a 1-year-old, many people will pat us soothingly and say, “It’s ok, honey. We’ve all been there.”

Every girl deserves the chance to go to her senior prom. To celebrate 12 years of hard work, to dance the night away with friends, and to feel like the princess she is.

It’s been a long, hard winter for St. Louis parents. Personally, I’ve lost count of just how many snow days my kids have enjoyed this year, but I know we’re well into double digits. (On a related note, I think it’s time to restock my now empty liquor cabinet).

History isn’t always a favorite subject among kids. It’s no wonder – classroom textbooks tend to be pretty dry, and rarely make the people and places of the past come alive in a vivid way that intrigues today's kids.   
But at the Missouri History Museum, history is anything but boring. The museum boasts a variety of programs and events geared specifically to children, and they are all designed to engage even the youngest visitors through hands-on activities and adventures.


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