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Why I'm the Last Person to Get a Smartphone

I want a smartphone so bad I crave it. 

I’ll admit it. When I need a fix, I’ll head to the cell phone kiosk at the mall so I can caress the keyboards and touch screens until the salesperson says, “Ma’am, I’ve told you repeatedly to stop making out with the BlackBerry,” and gently rips my lover from my clutch. 

Then I sadly walk out the door with my five-year-old, beat-up flip phone that has treated me well but is as technologically advanced as a Zack Morris phone. 

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The Thin - And Often Padded - Line Between Stylish and Sexy

Getting my first bra in fifth grade was a little on the humiliating side because 1) I had developed earlier than my more petite friends who teased me about my growing chest (which unfortunately did not keep on pace with the rest of my body as I got older), and 2) My mom picked out a stark white bra wrapped up in plastic from JCPenney which today reminds me of the Seinfeld “bro” (or “manziere” if you lean toward Frank Costanza) or an Ace bandage.

Today’s bras are nothing like ours from the 1980s. Department and specialty stores are packed with an abundance of padded, push-up and lace bras that tweens can choose from, but at the same time, leave their parents sobbing in the aisles over their little girls’ quickly diminishing childhoods. In fact, just a few weeks ago, the British retailer Primark pulled its padded bras off its shelves after media and customer outrage accused the store of sexualizing young teens.

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Your Pillow's Calling Your Name

Is anyone else feeling sleepy right about now?

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Cover Kids Contest - Enter by Monday!

The deadline for entering our Cover Kids Contest 2010 is closing in! Enter your child by Monday, May 10 if you'd like your child, or yourself, to be a part of the contest. Cover Kids 2010 is a search for real kids of all ages, sizes, ethnic backgrounds and abilities that will culminate in the winners being featured in our magazine and our Back-to-School Fashion Show in July.

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What? You Say It's Time for a Hearing Check?

When my son was just over a year old, I finally gave in to my husband's worrying and made an appointment to have the baby's eyes checked.  Not because I was noticing any Continue reading »

Two New Options for Moms-to-Be

Expectant parents have two new options for delivery this year: The Fetal Care Center specializes in high-risk pregnancy, birth and neonatal intensive care, while the Birth and Wellness Center of Missouri has certified nurse midwives on staff to assist with labor and delivery.

The Fetal Care Center launched last month through the cooperation of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Children’s Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine. It offers fetal diagnosis, fetal surgical interventions, and specialized care for newborns with serious medical conditions. It’s the only such center in the Midwest, according to a press release from Barnes-Jewish, and it expects to draw patients from Missouri and the eight surrounding states.

The Birth and Wellness Center of Missouri will be up and running in St. Charles this summer. For women who expect to experience a normal birth, such centers offer minimal intervention but plenty of hands-on care and education, starting at 32 weeks prior to birth and extending to newborn exams, breastfeeding support and postpartum visits. The center also sees women throughout their pregnancies and offers a full line women's health services throughout their lifespan.

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A League of Their Own

For the past two weeks, players taking the field for Challenger Baseball games Saturday mornings at Tilles Park have been just like those in every other league around town – watching the sky for rain, adjusting their caps and uniforms, taking practice swings with their bats.

These game-time rituals have added poignancy, however, because the players in this league all have developmental disabilities. The unique program pairs the players with volunteer “buddies” ages 10 to 20 whose role is to help the players hit or field the ball when needed, and to encourage them continually.

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Justin Bieber is Stalking Me

A few months ago on my personal blog, I wondered who this Justin Bieber kid was I kept seeing on the cover of the teen magazines.

Now I know.

Oh boy, do I know.

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Oh Baby, What a Movie!

This Mother’s Day weekend, four tiny babies are going to take on Continue reading »

31st Annual St. Louis Storytelling Festival

I love to read. But perhaps even more than this, I love being read to. Some of my most cherished childhood memories are of my dad reading bedtime stories every weekend. Whole summers I would spend listening to recordings of Shel Silverstein or Marlo Thomas and Friends. These days, I attend poetry readings or author events or festivals. But I also find myself turning down the radio or folding laundry in the hallway to better hear my husband reading to our children. Whether it's Redwall to his teenage son, or Misty of Chincoteague to our 6-year-old daughter, I am entranced.

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Cover Kids 2010 Puts Local Kids in the Spotlight

Our Cover Kids 2010 Contest is in full swing, and it's not surprising that we're receiving lots of entries from across the metro area. It's also not surprising that kids in St. Louis are adorable, photogenic and have loads of personality! Cover Kids 2010 is a search for real kids of all ages, sizes, ethnic backgrounds and abilities that will culminate in the winners being featured in our magazine and our Back-to-School Fashion Show in July.

Winners in four ages categories will win a modeling contract with Menagerie Models, the Webster-Groves based modeling agency that has styled, photographed and provided the models for the covers of our magazine for more than a year. The agency, headed by former model Camille Adams, works with regional and national companies to place kids and adults in advertisements and editorial features in print and on television. Menagerie Models does not offer modeling classes, they just look for kids they can place in advertisements. And kids are paid for their work.

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This Doctor Does House Calls

With all the talk about health care reform and insurance on a national scale, I thought it would be interesting to look at the other end of the spectrum: a family doctor who makes house calls.

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Grab a Meal to Fight HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS can affect anyone. Gay or straight. Male or female. Old or young.

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Omnimax Movies at the Saint Louis Science Center

Catch a movie or two at the Saint Louis Science Center's OMNIMAX Theater, where films are shown featuring the IMAX with Laser. This state-of-the-art theater provides the sharpest images, unmatched sound quality and 40% greater color range than traditional theaters. The five-story, 80-foot-diameter dome will fill your entire field of vision providing a truly immersive experience. 

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Water Waddlers Indoor Drop-In Swim

Stop in and have some fun in the indoor pool at the Lodge of Des Peres with your little one at this drop-in swim time for kids up to age 6. No pre-registration is needed; Water Waddlers is open to residents and non-residents of Des Peres.

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Open Gym at Miss Kelly's Gym
Friday, March 31, 2023
Saturday, April 1, 2023
Friday, April 7, 2023

Kids can work on existing gym skills, learn new skills or just play around during Open Gym at Miss Kelly's Gym. Reservations are not necessary.

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Bark ‘N Bloom is the kick-off to Purina Farm’s 2023 season and the introduction to its newly renovated Visitors Center, which is home to fun-filled exhibits and programs from April through October. Also unveiling this season is Chickentopia.

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Life Lessons Learned at Overnight Camp

With the perfect blend of adventure and responsibility, camp life teaches kids valuable lessons they can use for the rest of their lives. If you send your child to overnight camp, here are some life lessons they are likely to learn.

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Spring Break Camps Offer a Variety of Activities for Kids and Teens in St. Louis

Excitement is building for summer and the wide variety of summer camp experiences available for kids in the St. Louis metro area. But first! Spring break is around the corner, and there are plenty of Spring Break camps now enrolling. 

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10 Reasons Your Teen Might Love to be a Camp Counselor

Day or sleepaway summer camp is the perfect place for teens to transition to the world of the employed. The paycheck is nice, but being a summer camp counselor has other rewards, too.

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Drawn In: The New Animated, Literacy-Boosting Series that's Made in STL

Tyler, Nevaeh, Jadyn, and Grace – the fearless foursome of the new animated series “Drawn In” – have captured the imagination of viewers in St. Louis and ignited their love of learning with every new adventure. The show was conceived, created, and produced in St. Louis, and the majority of voice talent is based in the metro area. You can catch it on Nine PBS.

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